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Mass socio-cultural claim

We walk the streets with a demonstrative parade to reaffirm the right to self-determine our lives and to be able to express ourselves freely, basic human values that consent to inhabit this planet collectively and in harmony.

The air we breathe in this society, increasingly exclusive towards those who do not follow the systematic control and filing rules to which we are constantly subjected, under the pretext of the much venerated “public health”, is becoming heavier day after day. Those who live in the heart of this society, as well as those who live on her margins, are now asking themselves about the same topics.

We understand prohibitionism as a set of all the restrictions, bans and prohibitions imposed by governmental institutions or supranational bodies, which inevitably suffocate the entire population: no one excluded.

The standardization model, which can be modified according to the needs of social control and which for almost three years has been given to us in exchange for the so-called “safety” – whether it concerns public health or the economy – leaves no possibility for people to choose how to manage aspects of their lives in the freedom of mutual respect.

We protect the freedom to challenge outdated and senselessly restrictive laws that daily control, repress and stifle ideas and people.

“A mass choice cannot be stopped. Free to disagree, free to demonstrate, free from cultural and social prohibition: NO FEAR. “

WE INVITE ANYONE WHO AGREES WITH THESE CONCEPTS to join the parade bringing with them their “alternative” cultural background and their social activities.



The parade route will be announced on the same day