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Frequently U Care to Know

Not really, maybe it all started when they closed the hemp houses in Ticino.

Apart from that, it depends on what is meant by restrictions related to the pandemic. The concept of the anti-prohibitionist parade is to bring a mass socio-cultural claim to the streets of Ticino, involving all the various alternative socio-cultural realities of Ticino, including those that are in opposition to the dominant capitalist system in favor of a freer and more sustainable world.

We understand prohibitionism as a set of all the restrictions, bans and prohibitions imposed by governmental institutions or supranational bodies, which inevitably suffocate the entire population: no one excluded.

We see the restrictions related to the covid laws as yet another, but not the only, piece of a prohibitionist system that threatens the freedom of expression and movement of people, as much as the entire natural ecosystem of the territory with so many absurd, liberticidal and dangerous laws for everyone: nature, animals and humans included. The attempts to desertify alternative socio-cultural realities began well before the covid law and had nothing to do with the pandemic because it didn’t existed yet.

We are prepraring a sort of programming of cultural activities that will take place before, during and after the parade. If you have a proposal of this kind, write us at with the subject “Proposals” to include it in the shared programming.

If the activity you want to propose doesn’t need this because it is a flexible and itinerant activity that doesn’t require a precise collective moment, express it freely when you think it’s best.

In this case, small vehicles are welcome (such as cars, bicycles, trolleys, skateboards with small speakers…) so that it can be done independently.

By musical bandwagon we mean vehicles starting from vans or higher category with a sound system installed with more than 2kw of power.

Proposals of this type are welcome and should be coordinated with each other during the parade to avoid duplication of musical genres.

It is desirable that each float thinks to self-manage in the best way their own garbage and that of their followers.

To coordinate the creation of the various musical floats contact with the subject “Floats”.

Write your questions to the email, the site is constantly being updated and more information and announcements will be published later on.