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Socio-cultural Mass Claim

Appeal to the independent artistic forces for a general anti-prohibitionist mobilisation

We declare the independence of the Countercultural Artistic and Libertarian Communities of Ticino (CALT) with the creative occupation of the streets of Ticino through a mass socio-cultural parade on 19 March 2022.

The sanitary emergency has been the triggering factor for an immediate blockade of the democratic society and the capitalist system, which has greatly affected culture and sociality on a worldwide scale.

We demand an immediate halt to all forms of capitalist warfare and imperialist colonialism imposed on people by the democratic society and the world economic system, in name of an immediate revival of alternative sociality and libertarian counterculture to ensure human, animal and planetary survival.

We must protect freedom of expression and movement from the attacks of the dominant cultural dictatorship imposed by the democratic capitalist system represented by the Republic of Ticino.

The honey of libertarian creativity guarantees the psychophysical health of individuals and nourishes mind, spirit, soul and body through culture and sociality not aligned with the dominant system.

Ensuring the survival of these independent realities is a matter of priority. The arid desert isolates the colourful and fertile oases with endless stretches of scorching sand. Here it is the strong hot wind that allows life to spread, seeds to be dispersed, a new enchantment to be cast from a drop of blue gold and a grain of magic. Without wind, no life. However, the wind is not precise enough to ensure the reproduction of certain species. That is why bees play such an important role in the biodiversity of the ecosystem. As they fly from flower to flower, their hairy bodies carry the pollen that plants need to generate fruit, seeds and subsequent reproduction. We don’t want a world of grey tar and standardised weeds: we want colourful flowers all around us, we want diversity in shapes, in thoughts, in the reality that surrounds us and of which we are all part.

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